Elements in the Telepath RPG games can be classified as follows:


These are ordinary attacks using solid weapons.


These attacks are purely mind-based, relying on manipulating and damaging the opponent's mind from within.


These attacks are pyrokinetic in nature. The attacker speeds up molecules in the air until he or she produces fire that can be used to scorch opponents.


These attacks are cryokinetic in nature. The attacker slows down molecules in the air until he or she can freeze opponents.


These attacks are umbrakinetic in nature. An offshoot of mental attacks, shadow attacks give physical form to negative emotions, bombarding opponents with a corrosive miasma.


These attacks are electromagnetic in nature. These attacks rely upon intense radiation coupled with percussive force. The attacker concentrates and accelerates electromagnetic particles to damage opponents on a cellular level, then releases them in a shockwave.


A psychokinetic bubble that resists every possible type of damage. Described "like hitting a[n invisible] wall."

Some attacks are unaffected by resistances or immunities. Ex: The splash damage from Shadowling Queen's Holy Blast attack.

Certain attacks do not precisely match the descriptions given above, but are classified according to one element or another depending on what most closely matches its effect.

Certain characters may possess an Resistance (or in TSoG, Immunity) to one element or another.

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