Elements are categories for skill. Certain individuals possess a elemental resistance or immunity to one element or another.


These are ordinary attacks using solid weapons, such as: swords, bows, knives, and etc.


Piercing damage is done by weapons such as spears, bolts, and arrows.


Slashing damage is done by weapons bladed weapons such as knifes and swords.


Crush damage is caused by bludgeoning weapons.


These attacks are purely mind-based, relying on manipulating and damaging the opponent's mind from within.


Shields are mental techniques that create psychokinetic barriers that resist every possible type of damage. Described "like hitting a[n invisible] wall."


These attacks are pyrokinetic in nature. The attacker speeds up molecules in the air until he or she produces fire that can be used to scorch opponents.


These attacks are cryokinetic in nature. The attacker slows down molecules in the air until he or she can freeze opponents or throw jagged ice at enemies.


These attacks are skiakinetic in nature. An offshoot of mental attacks, shadow attacks give physical form to negative emotions, breaking apart water vapor in the air and forming a highly corrosive miasma.


These attacks are photokinetic in nature. These attacks rely upon intense radiation coupled with percussive force. The attacker concentrates and accelerates electromagnetic particles to damage opponents on a cellular level, then releases them in a shockwave. Light is widely considered to be the most difficult element to learn, as it requires the manipulation of particles orders of magnitude smaller than those used by the other elemental attacks.

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