Telepath RPG Wiki
Vital statistics
Class Hero
Status Playable Character
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction People's Resistance of Ravinale
Health Double his Psy Defense
PsP Psy Defense plus Psy Power
Speed 5
Location Ravinale

Duvalier appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Duvalier is the only child of a prominent Ravinale political family.  His family supported his psychic talents by hiring Bubashka as a private tutor. Bubashka taught Duvalier about a variety of subjects including psy techniques such as mind blast, mind shield, and mind reading.


The only son of the Senators Alder and Catherine Duvalier, this Hero is plunged into a civil war in the city-state of Ravinale when he is rescued from the Ravinale Prison by his childhood friend Griffin (who happens to be the current leader of the People's Resistance of Ravinale) and is persuaded by Griffin to join the Resistance as its tactician.



Depending on how the player handles him, Duvalier can learn a wide variety of offensive and defensive abilities to assist his team in battle.

Alternatively, he can focus on manipulation and mind-reading, or leadership and persuasion, to exclusion of personal combat powess.

Always keep Duvalier safe, because it is game over when he dies.


"Over my dead body!"

"Don't worry, we're both getting out of here alive if it kills me..."

"Oh, I gave it to him, alright..."

"Bring it on, clown! "

"I'm doing what I usually do: whatever I want."


Duvalier is the only character in the series capable of having a choice of elemental affinities.