Desk Clerk (Telepath RPG 1)

Desk Clerk in Telepath RPG 1

The Desk Clerk appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 1.

Desk ClerkEdit

The Desk Clerk works in the Administrative Offices and provides the forms for the Hero to leave the Psy Academy.


She's a busy girl who is isn't sociable. Maybe because she works in the Administratives.


(She doesn't bother looking up at you.) "Can I help you, sir or madam?" (She clearly thinks you are an idiot.)

(She hands you a five-page form filled with tiny print, referecences to other forms and a legion fill-in the box squares.) "We have pens on the table over there, if you want to fill it out now."

"Are you done? All right, then now there is a small fee of 10 gold coins for processing this form."


She gives you a TR-153 fill form to leave the Academy. It takes you a solid hour and a half to manage to get the form filled out correctly (you think).

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