Deaper Downs

A section of the Deeper Downs.

The Deeper Downs are a series of lava-filled caverns, which were once part of Old Spriggatia. This region was the last to fall to the Shadowling Queen and the first to break away.

During the Shadow War, the Deeper Downs was the site of an Energy Golem Workshop and held a resistance force of Spriggats. In order to open the impenetrable doors of the Golem Workshop, one has to go to the Security Room and turn all the "buttons" to the correct color. After the Hero destroys the workshop, he comes across Grotius, who can be recruited with proper persuasion.

The Deeper Downs contain an area called the Bug Pit that is infested with giant insects. During one of the Hero's missions, the Hero comes across former Mechanic mercenaries, Helena and Flint, who can be recruited when escaping the Bug Pit.

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