This article is about the Servants of God character. You may be looking for the Anya from Telepath RPG 2.


Dean Anya

Vital statistics
Class Dean
Status Neutral / Ally
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Psy Academy
Location Psy Academy

Anya appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


After Anya's friend disappears from the Psy Academy, Anya sells her books to finance Guy and her search for their missing friend. Hearing rumors about a black cape leading shadowlings, Anya and Guy's search for their friend leads them to the Mechanics. Unfortunately, they are captured by the the Mechanic mercenaries in the Great Forest. Their friend, the Hero of the Shadow War, finds Anya and Guy and rescues them. Until their friend is free of the slave bracelet, Anya and Guy agree to fight alongside the Hero during his service to Tastidian . After returning to the Psy Academy, the Hero becomes free of the slave bracelet. Anya then joins the Hero during the mission to kill the Shadowling Queen.

Many years after the Shadow War ended with the Queen's death, Anya becomes the Dean of the Psy Academy.


Dean Anya will agree to give 500 soldiers to the Resistance in exchange for all the books hidden in the crypts.

There is a minor requirement for talking to her: the players need to have succesfully employed Alissa, before they are able to talk with Dean Anya.



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