Fariq D'Kah
Dkah Portrait
Vital statistics
Class General
Status Enemy (Boss)
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Ravinale Guard
Health 208 (Easy)
320 (Normal)
416 (Hard/Brutal)
960 (Nightmare)
Speed 3
Location Al'Dukkan

General Fariq D'Kah appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


General D'Kah is the commander of the Ravinale Guard and has known the Senators Duvalier for some time. Cygnus, the leader of the Cult, after years of manipulation, managed to get General D'Kah's allegiance, and now the entire Ravinale Guard provides the military backbone for the Cult's actions. Before Duvalier's prison break, former Resistance leader Darime was killed by D'Kah in a duel.


If Malekahin delays the Resistance long enough during their raid of the Al'Dukkan Armory, then D'Kah will show up to personally lead a large force of Guardsmen against the Resistance.

If the Resistance escapes Al'Dukkan without a confrontation with D'Kah, then the General will fight Duvalier's team during the Resistance's Attack on Ravinale.


Melee (Range: 1, Damage: 32), Mow (Range: 1-3, Damage: 32), Whirlwind (Range: 5x5 Omnidirectional, Damage: 32)

Resistance: Physical


To avoid D'Kah's physical resistance, it is wise to use the mental and elemental attacks of Duvalier, Naj, La'Man, Luca, and Malis. Boosting health with Set's Static Shield skill is crucial on higher difficulties, as well as using the Crystal Orb to give Duvalier physical resistance. The Indigo Orb/Titan Shield skill is beneficial but not needed if Duvalier's Big Shield healing can offset D'kah's damage, freeing other allies to slowly whittle down his health.

One effective strategy is to give Duvalier the Crystal/Yellow/Crimson/Violet orbs, clear out D'kah's troops, then crowd your allies into one corner of the map while Duvalier solos D'kah, using Feedback constantly. When low on PsP, kite D'kah into following you away from your allies while the Yellow Orb regenerates your PsP quickly. This takes some time, but if done right is completely safe.


"I tried to tell you, senator, but you would not listen. You have left me no choice."

"I have known the senators Duvalier for quite some time. They are good people, but misguided. Treat them courteously"

"This building only has only one exit. You will not reach it. Surrender, and spare yourselves the agony of dying in the attempt."


D'Kah's weapon of choice is the poleaxe. The Fasces is a poleaxe bound with sticks, and stands for strong government. It is also the root of the word fascism-given The Cult's policies, it can be said that D'kah is a representation of fascism.

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