Cygnus Portrait
Vital statistics
Class Prophet
Status Enemy (Boss)
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction The Cult
Health 146 (Easy)
225 (Normal)
293 (Hard/Brutal)
675 (Nightmare)
Speed 3
Location Temple of Yawah
Cygnus appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Cygnus is the prophet leader of The Cult. No one has ever seen his face, because he hides it with a golden infant mask. He obtained power by slowly convincing the leading general of Ravinale Guard, D'Kah, to join him. The increasing unhappiness from the Cult's actions leads to the creation of the People's Resistance of Ravinale.


Cygnus is the final boss of TSoG's last mission, the Attack on Ravinale.



Multiply (Effect: creates four duplicates of oneself in random places), Mass Juxtapose (Effect: switch places with multiple allies), Barriers (Effect: creates a number of barriers at random positions), Starfall (Range: all, damage: 16)

Immunity: Mental

Cygnus Multiple 1Edit

Titan Shield (Range: 5x5 Omnidirectional minus corners, Healing: 24)

Cygnus Multiple 2Edit

Dark Vortex (Range: 3x3, Damage:13)

Cygnus Multiple 3Edit

Cryo Cross (Range: 1-2 Omnidirectional (Diamond shape), Damage: 13)

Cygnus Multiple 4Edit

Light Bomb (Range: 3x3 Spaces, epicentre 4 spaces from the attacker, Damage: 12)

Cygnus Multiple 5Edit

Fire Gate (range: 3x3 Spaces, epicentre 3 spaces from the attacker, Damage: ??)


When fighting him, try not to stand next to Cygnus's barriers.

If you keep arguing with him and you have high enough Personality (20 points will do), Cygnus may start doubting of his faith in Yawah and surrender without fighting. Alternatively, one can allow him to escape far away from Ravinale.

Unfortunately, Luca cannot use any of her Juxtapose skills on Cygnus himself.


"I have heard the voice of the Most High. He has commanded me to establish a kingdom for Him here on earth. I may not disregard that."


To see his stats, a certain level of Aptitude is needed, depending on the difficulty. One needs an Aptitude of at least 16 to see Cygnus and his multiples' health on Normal difficulty.

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