Portrait Cerzak
Vital statistics
Class General
Status Enemy (Boss)
Gender Male
Race Spriggat
Faction Dissidents
Health 120
Speed 3 (Flying)
Location Deeper Downs
Cerzak (Telepath RPG 2)

Cerzak in Telepath RPG 2

Cerzak appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 2.


Cerzak is a Dark Spriggat who went to the same military academy as Darkeye.  Cerzak eventually becomes prominent general in the Queen's army and the right-hand man of General Tastidian.  During his time in the army, Cerzak begins to suspect that the Shadowling Queen had many female spriggats killed, including Cerzak's wife, in order for her to keep power. One day, Cerzak has something akin to a religious experience, and decided he couldn't serve the Queen any more. With his son Grotius, Cerzak left the army and became the commanding general of the Dissidents in order to rebel against the Shadowling Empire.


Cerzak first appears when the player arrives in the Deeper Downs, and after a short conversation, he casts the player into the Bug Pit. He later appears as a boss in a battle on the north side of Lake Alto.


Dark Breath (Range: 1-3, Damage: 20, Status Effect(s): -1 Speed/attack)

Resistance : Shadow


Cerzak is one of the toughest bosses in the game. He uses Dark Breath to slow down any characters who don't have Shadow Resistance. With repeated attacks, he can reduce characters to a speed as low as two spaces per turn. Take down the Red Spriggat Psy Healers who follow him around, then take out the other Dark Spriggats and Cerzak himself. Use General Darkeye to draw off the other spriggats in the meantime.

After the battle Edit

Once you have succesfully defeated Cerzak, he falls unconscious to the ground. You have a choice between killing or sparing Cerzak. If you choose to kill him and Grotius is present, you will have to kill him as well.


"[A deep, bemused voice pops into your head.] Well, well. I had a feeling we'd be seeing you sooner or later."

"I truly wish I had a way to remove that bracelet of yours, but I don't. And as long as you wear pose too much of a risk to us. You will never be free to choose not to fight us."

"Curse? Me? Surely not, dear DarkEye. You're merely upset because I've handed you your first military defeat. The first since we went to the Queen's Academy together, anyway."

"[Cerzak glances your way.] You again? I see you've survived somehow. And killed all my men. I sympathize with your position as a slave, but I cannot you-- either of you-- to go on attacking us. This is the end of the line for DarkEye and you."

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