Shadowling Red
Vital statistics
Class Civilian
Status Neutral
Gender Male
Race Shadowling
Faction Shadowling Republic
Location Somnus

Carrion appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Carrion is young, cheery shadowling who works for the Shadowling Republic's Tourism Bureau as a greeter. His job is to greet humans and tell them about Somnus.


Carrion is the first shadowling to greet Duvalier when he enter the Shadowland capital.


"Hello, my name is Carrion. Welcome to Somnus!"

" you have any, uh, questions for me?"


  • While the Shadowling Empire had a rude greeter with Snarl, the Shadowling Republic has a cheery greeter with Carrion. This shows the big shift in Shadowling society.
  • Carrion's name likely comes from carrion, meaning 'dead meat.'
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