Black Rose HQ
The Black Rose Headquarters is the Order of the Black Rose's base located under a warehouse in the Ravinale Docks. The basement entrance is guarded by Isam. This assassin won't let anyone in unless they know the correct password. High aptitude is neccessary to successfully scan through for the password.

Inside the HQ Edit

In order to succesfully gather information from the assassins, you need to type a word in the appearing box, then choose to scan them on the matter.

When typing the word 'Arman', enables you to learn details of Arman's past, or revive Arman when talking to Qatil on the second floor.

On the first floor, there are assassins guarding the stairs- the one on the right- can be scanned to reveal the secret door. Click him, then type the word 'door' (instead of 'Arman'), the combination is: 6, 9, 0, 5, 8. The door is located on the second left. There are two chests, one containing 5000 gold and the other the blue orb.


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