Baz Al'jaj
Baz Portrait
Vital statistics
Class Civilian
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction People's Resistance of Ravinale
Location Baz's Manor
Baz Al'jaj appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Baz Al'jaj was a wealthy individual who owns vast tracts of land outside Ravinale, as well as the Ravinale opera house. After refusing to swear his allegiance to The Cult, most of his property was seized and he was thrown in jail. Set and Arman rescued him in a daring raid on the prison, after which he pledged to aid the People's Resistance of Ravinale.

Baz still retains substantial financial resources and he genuinely hates the Cult, though his innate arrogance and stubbornness make him less helpful to the cause than he might otherwise be.


If Duvalier clears Baz's wine cellar of spirits, Baz agrees to let the Resistance use one of his manors, apparently one of the few not seized by the Cult, as the Resistance's secret headquarters. After Duvalier completes Baz's errand, Baz hires a seasoned warrior to train Duvalier and his team, as well as promising to match up in gold part of the loot taken from slain enemies, if Duvalier successfully avoids having his teammates die in battle.

Eventually, Baz will mention that one of his friends will lend troops to the Resistance if Duvalier help him, which leads to the abolitionist compound mission.


"What? Don't be daft, boy! I have SPIRITS. You know. Ghosts. Poltergeists. The restless dead. Those who have not passed from this world. Et cetera, et cetera."

"Ha! You flatter me, but I won't tell you to stop!"

"Well, I never! Harrumph!"

"Oh no--do not dare to give me the brush off, boy! We will discus this right now."


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