Baz Cellar
Baz's Cellar is located in the west wing of the entrance-room of Baz's Manor. The cellar is home to Baz's extensive wine collection. Prior to the arival of the People's Resistance of Ravinale, the cellar has becaome the lair of Azma and his numerous spirit followers. In exchange for letting the Resistance use his manor as their headquarters, Baz sent Duvalier on a mission to eliminate the spirits in the cellar. Also, later on, the cellar can be used as a stroage area for books that were taken away from the Ravinale Library as they didn't agree with the Cult's philosophy and were locked away in Crypts, but later recovered by Duvalier and his teammates. Hidden deep in the cellar is a chest that is guarded by powerful spirits. The chest holds gold and the indigo orb.
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