image:Azma Portrait.JPG
Vital statistics
Class Spirit
Status Enemy (Boss)
Gender Male
Race Spirit
Health 60
Speed 3 (Flying)
Location Azma's Lair
Azma appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Azma is the leader of a group of spirits inhabiting Baz's wine cellar. Brutish and nasty, Azma is obsessed with punishing Fizooz for a debt he is convinced he owed to him in life.


Azma is the boss of Baz's mission to clear his cellar of spirits. Duvalier can fight him or (with a little cleverness and the right stats) outsmart him and avoid a fight.


Mind Blast (Range: 1, Damage: 6), Cryo Blast (Range: 2, Damage: 7)

Resistance: Physical


Azma has two attacks: Mind Blast and Cryo Blast. His Cryo Blast is very powerful, so you shouldn't let him move to a position in which he could attack with it. He is also resistant to physical damage. This makes it difficult to kill him, as most of the team is comprised of physically oriented attackers. Thus you should get your main character and start attacking him, while Set heals you.


"[He laughs hollowly. Waves of sadness, fury and resentment radiate off the spirit.] Second death? Who cares! It is only the first that matters! If only you appreciated what you risk giving up...Well come then, idiot. Come and join our ranks..."


  • Duvalier can make Azma believe his name is "Zalam".

    Azma's in-game sprite

  • A book from Crypt 4, The Spirit Within reveals that Azma and all other spirits aren't actually the minds of the departed, but rather, something created unconsciously by telepaths themselves. Azma and other spirits are simply telepaths' internal mental processes manifesting externally.
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