Talk to Griffin about assaulting Ravinale. Results are based on Total Soldiers. Griffin will tell you if he thinks you have enough soldiers. 2600 soldiers was enough for him to say the force is good but he'd prefer more. He doesn't change his tone after 10,000 soldiers, I'm unsure if he ever has different dialogue

The number of soldiers at your disposal serves merely as a requirement to access the final battle, and has no impact on the outcome of the battle itself. 

Battle: East RavinaleEdit

Have the green orb equipped, so you can capture the space before they can protect it.

Battle: Ravinale MarketEdit

For a quick win, Duvalier needs 10 movement and the azure orb. Place Duvalier in slot 3. Use Arman and Malis to take out the energy golem, then capture the space with Duvalier.

Battle: West Ravinale StreetEdit

For a quick win, Duvalier needs 10 movement and the azure orb. Place Rahel in slot 1 and Duvalier in slot 3. Have Luca stand west of Rahel and use Juxtapose. Now attack the energy golem with Rahel's Trueshaft. If the energy golem is still alive, move Malis north or south of it with Shadowport 2 and finish it off. Now you can capture the space with Duvalier. Alternatively, you may substitute Naj or La'Man for Rahel, if their Breath 2 attacks are powerful enough.

Battle: The DocksEdit

Equip the green orb, and place Duvalier in any slot between 2-4; 1 and 5 are also okay if he has 10 movement. Defeat the Ravinale Elite with your most powerful attacks, then capture the space with Duvalier.

Battle: Hard Labor SiteEdit


Battle: Showdown with CygnusEdit

Identify and kill the orginal Cygnus. He will infinitely multiply new duplicates of himself after the old duplicates die. Cygnus doesn't move at all so you can ignore his duplicates and just go straight for him. Though beware his barriers are like forest spore pods damaging everything within 1 square of them in all directions.

Alternatively, it is possible to convince him that he has mislead the people of Ravinale; this will complete the game without a fight.

Cygnu's defeated

Cygnu's, after The Player convinces him to change his views.

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