Arman Portrait2
Vital statistics
Class Assassin
Status Teammate
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction People's Resistance of Ravinale
Health 14 + Psy Defence x2
PsP 5 + Psy Defence + Psy Power
Speed 9 / 7 (if killed from Qatil and revived)
Location Ravinale
Arman appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Arman is a trained assassin who once belonged to the Order of the Black Rose. Arman now works for the Resistance, and he refuses to talk about his past in any greater detail than that.


Arman is the team's assassin. Using Arman's knowledge, the Resistance is able to break in and out of prison with Duvalier and Baz.



Arman is blazingly fast and deft at striking the side and from behind, but he can easily get in over his head if you don't watch him. His weapon of choice is the sikin, a long knife. Use him to take down weaker enemies from behind whenever you can safely do so.

He is capable of dealing massive damage with his Mega Stab. The fact that he is needed for Mission 4 makes it worth spending decent amount of gold for his training. He may be the second most important member of your roster, after Duvalier himself.

There is no need for him to have more than 10 points of Psy Power, as leveling up his Psy Defense increases his Psy Points too. Be sure to train both his Strength and Psy Defense high enough, as his energy reserves run out easily with Mega Stab.


"Hey, kid, let me give you some advice. I don't know what Griffin told you, but don't ever let someone tell you to fight fair. You have only one life. If you die, you're dead. You got me?"

"Is it fair that we have to fight to survive? I'd rather be unfair and not dead. I don't know about you, though."

"[Arman shakes his head.] Anu's eyes, Set! You're going to give us bad luck with comments like that! [He pauses.] Not that I'm superstitious or anything, know what they say about tempting fate."

Additional infoEdit

  • Arman is voiced by Marshall Stern
  • Arman sends the hero on a side quest to give a man named Al'al a sack of money, presumably to make up for his desertion. The reward for completion can be the sack of money (500 Gold), increased Personality, or Arman teaching Duvalier how to move faster (permanently increasing his Speed by 1- note that this can be done repeated each time the player selects a New Game +). If the Hero convinces Al'al to take the money, Arman additionally tells the hero a bit about his past. However, it's all a lie.
  • Arman is highly superstitious.
  • His name means "dream" in Kazakh, of Persian origin.
  • The truth about Arman's past is discovered by going to the Black Rose Headquarters in the Docks(building in lower-left corner) and scanning all the men using Arman's name. Then you can confront him about his past.
  • If Al'al does not accept the gold or gets killed by the player, Arman is later assassinated by Qatil. This also happens if the player joins the ranks of the Black Rose.
  • If Qatil kills Arman, it is possible to revive him. The player needs to enter the Black Rose HQ and scan Qatil's mind on the second floor. However, Arman's stats become weaker onwards, as his speed and strength decrease by 2 and 3 points, respectively.
  • Under certain circumstances, the player can learn the truth of Arman's background late in the game: Arman had a wife named Cynthia. After his wife gave birth to a daughter, she became not right in the head. Unable to deal with the sudden change in his wife, Arman left his wife and daughter. At some point, Arman joined the Order of the Black Rose where he was trained as an assassin. The shame of abandoning his family caused Arman to turn to heroish, a highly addictive drug. In order have enough money for another fix of heroish, Arman ratted out a fellow assassin to the Ravinale Guard for the reward money. After betraying his fellow assassin, the Black Rose puts a hit on Arman. Arman then joined the Resistance in order to have a place to hide from the Black Rose.
  • In one of the Servants of God endings: "Arman did not seek glory or recognition after the fall of the theocracy. He simply vanished, leaving notes behind for Duvalier and Griffin. It is rumored that he has started a new life in the Deeper Downs, away from his many enemies and the bad memories of his past."
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