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Vital statistics
Class Psy Healer (Black Cape)
Status Ally
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Psy Academy
Health 13 + Psy Defence x2
PsP 10 + Psy Defence + Psy Power
Location Psy Academy

Anya appears in Telepath RPG Chapters 1 and 2.


Anya is a friend of the Hero. A mild-mannered bookworm, Anya is sometimes lacking in social graces, saying things without regard for how others will react. She means well, however, and is overall a considerate person.


Anya may be convinced to join the player in his search for his brother during Chapter 1. In Chapter 2, she appears along with Guy during mission 3, where she joins the player.


  • Mind Blast
  • Mind Shield
  • Mega Shield
    • 9 Psy defense
  • Long Shield
  • Big Shield
  • Light Resistance

Speed: 5 Contact: Mind Shield (heal 1-3 cost: 5)


Anya is in most respects a typical Psy Healer. She has an assortment of psy shields at her disposal, as well as a fairly weak Mind Blast attack. However, her ordinary Mind Shield lands two spaces away, which makes her useful for healing allies nearby spriggats and other area attack enemies. In the special Sinister Design version of Telepath RPG Chapter 2, Anya can learn Long Shield.

In Chapter 1, Anya acts as a summon that continually bolsters the hero's psy defenses over the course of a battle.


"I think I've read about this. Some particularly powerful Shadowlings can hijack your thoughts and make you into a mindless slave!"

"We saw you deal with those mercenaries just now. That was amazing! How did you ever come to command shadowlings? I was reading that they live in a very hierarchical society, and view humans much the same way we view rats. Except we don't eat rats."

"Now what should I pack?...Do you think I'll have any room for my Histories of the Dundar Emperors?"


  • Before the beginning of Telepath RPG Chapter 2, Anya sells all of her books to finance her journey to find the hero.
  • Anya becomes Dean of the Psy Academy, if the Hero chooses to side with the Academy and she survives the fight with the Shadowling Queen.