Following the raid of the Al'Dukkan Armory, Duvalier can talk to Baz about a friend of Baz that can support the Resistance with troops. Baz then sets up a meeting with his friend Sharif, a slaver. Sharif wants you to kill a group of bandits and bring back their leader's head.

If you spare the slaves by leaving and give them 5000 gold they'll supply more troops, one person reported 1000 extra troops during the speech.

Battle: Abolitionist Compound 1[edit | edit source]

Battle: Abolitionist Compound 2[edit | edit source]

Mobile characters such as Arman, Malis, La'Man, Naj, Rajav, and Luca'ra'il are very useful at getting around the cracked boulders and attacking the Abolitionist Archers.

Battle: Abolitionist Compound 3[edit | edit source]

Battle: Abolitionist Compound 4[edit | edit source]

Battle: Abolitionist Compound 5[edit | edit source]

Battle with Elan[edit | edit source]

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